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Cherries – Ten Years Jubilee




an immersive music theatre based on Tommaso Traetta

A co-production of LUX:NM and Cie.AGORA


Witch’n’Monk, LUX:NM & Jim Black



LUX:NM | Andrej Koroliov | Heinrich Horwitz | Rosa Wernecke

2019 ff.


LUX:NM on the Road



A scenic concert for ensemble and objects


Dark Lux

Audio piece by Gordon Kampe

LUX:NM embarks on a journey into darkness and into our deepest regions in a joint working process with the composer Gordon Kampe, the radio dramatist Sarah Trilsch, the visual artist Florian Japp and the sound designer Jan Brauer.

The lighting ensemble descends into the depths and creates a dark collage of sounds through pre-produced sounds, new compositions, objects, video clips, and text fragments.



Premiere: 20 May 2018, 8pm, Ballhaus Ost in Berlin


How Six Men Got on in the World

Staged concert for 2 actors, children’s choir and ensemble




Geisterhaus/ Haunted House

Installation of the re-invention of the past



How do we want to live? How did people want to live earlier and how did they live? Did their desires, hopes or fears become reality? “Haunted House” is an exercise in becoming an author/composer of life. In cooperation with pupils from the Leo-Lionni-Grundschule in Berlin-Wedding, 15 stories and soundtracks were written about the lives of unknown people captured on photographs. These are presented in the installation “Haunted House”.

Sponsored by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung


Diary, Random and Pickles

Musical theatre by Pierre Jodlowsky


“For me, being a composer means being an artist in a society, in which his art offers him absolutely no protection. Art is not independent from current affairs. (…) For me, being a composer means addressing events.” Jodlowski

“Diary, Random and Pickles” is a musical and theatrical work based on the newspaper articles and news reports which Pierre Jodlowski collected over the years, and with whose help the composer reflects on society and its changes. The five musicians of the ensemble LUX:NM together with a group of teenagers become the main actors of this composition. As musicians, performers and readers, they critically address current events. Socially relevant questions and trends are examined and artistic boundaries between music and theater are explored.


Premiere: 16 December 2016, 7:30pm, Im Fokus concert series



Kap Hoorn

A staged concert installation by Koikate/LUX:NM/Kampe

It nurtures and consumes us. It holds us captive and sets us free. It keeps us awake and at the same time lets us dream. – What is Napoleon without Josephine? When will the light come on at the funfair? What are you longing for? KAP HOORN creates a carnival of emotions. Here we can listen to our needs, seek our happiness in our existence, and approach the places of our desire that may disappear like a mirage as soon as we reach them. Desires unite our past with our future, our experiences with our dreams. They connect our bodies with places, points in time, feelings and other bodies. They are our inner compass. The constant over-stimulation of our senses clouds our emotional orientation. We stumble from one attraction to the next, as though dizzy after a roundabout ride.


In order to recover our inner motivation, the performance group KOIKATE slows down the ride. Together with the contemporary music ensemble LUX:NM and composer Gordon Kampe, they bring the crazy high-speed hustle and bustle to a halt. With contemporary music, exhibiting rooms and powerful images, an interdisciplinary installation is formed which honestly and uninhibitedly gets to the core of our longings! Can we re-calibrate our inner compass to this adventurous journey into a world of longings, wishes, dreams and nightmares?


Aaron S

A multimedia opera by LUX:NM/ Aaron S Collective (Warsaw)


Aaron S is a multimedia composition for five musicians.

The protagonist of this opera is Aaron Swartz, an American computer programmer, journalist, political activist and hacker. It centers on questions of the liberal, pro-democracy movements which come into being with the support of digital media and have an ever-growing importance.

Music, literature and visual content are merged using electronics, digital devices, translation software and analogue musical instruments developed specifically for this opera by Krzysztof Cybulski.

The premiere of the first version was in September 2016 at the Warsaw AutumnFestival. This was followed by another performance in Berlin at Ballhaus Ost in February 2017.


Home Sweet Home

A staged concert project


Surrounding us each day anew is an image of an uncertain world against which we seem to be powerless. Does retreating into domestic happiness help us against the approaching uncertainty from outside? Or are we celebrating one last sign of our wellbeing in this fragile idyll?


In the staged concert HOME SWEET HOME, the chamber music ensemble LUX:NM together with the stage director Sebastian K. König look for musically as well as scenically stable points of repose. In the balancing act between the freedom of contemporary compositions and the early romantic tradition of setting the “inexpressible” to music, the five musicians are protagonists of a modern-day sense of existence. The conductorless collective of equal musical partners presents five world premieres and becomes the societal petri dish in the polyphonic opinion-forming process of today.



Böse Büchse

A project by Club Real and LUX:NM with children



Club Real and Silke Lange from LUX:NM created and built individual Fluxus boxes together with 10 children from the Leo-Lionni Grundschule in Wedding (Berlin): Pandora’s boxes. These have now been activated. Evil is inside.

Artists from the FLUXUS movement, which developed spectacular art exhibitions and concepts in America and Europe in the mid-1960s, also built the so-called Flux kits (Fluxus boxes). These could contain anything from tiny structures and objects to scores and game instructions. In addition, they are made out of widely varying materials, for example wood or plastic; or they are an actual suitcase, crate or box.

The world premiere was on 10 July 2015.



(F)LUX:NM – fluxus reloaded

Concert Performance for 5 Performers and Musicians
Fluxus Performances of Ken Friedman, Yoko Ono, S.D. Sauerbier and more


Emmett Williams

“Life is a work of art, and the work of art is life”

In addition to existing Fluxus works, the ensemble LUX:NM sets out to find new works, activities, happenings, compositions influenced by Fluxus, based on Fluxus or continued by Fluxus…

For FLUXUS RELOADED, the ensemble LUX:NM embarks on a work in progress. Where does engaging with Fluxus over several months lead the ensemble?