Cherries – Ten Years Jubilee

The 10 Years Jubilee-Livestream




29.04.2020 – Live streaming from the Kesselhaus of the Kulturbrauerei Berlin.

Works by Paul Frick, Ketan Bhatti (WEA), Julia Wolfe, Vito Zuraj (DEA), Héctor Moro (UA) and Oxana Omelchuk.

supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds


We pick our own cherries. This is our story. From the very beginning, we created our own parameters for intensive ensemble work with LUX:NM. The core idea was to realize music with friends and kindred spirits while remaining as independent as possible. The core idea has remained until today. Together we have gone through thick and thin in the last years. In our first anniversary concert we will present in old LUX:NM tradition some music from the LUX:NM workshop: you will hear newly created pieces and cherries from the LUX:NM library.
As always, we defy the circumstances and stream the concert live from the Kesselhaus in the Kulturbrauerei because of the current circumstances.

Ensemble LUX:NM

Ruth Velten – saxophone/keyboard
Florian Juncker – trombone/keyboard
Silke Lange – accordion/keyboard
Vitaliy Kyianytsia – piano/keyboard
Zoé Cartier – violoncello/keyboard
Beate Altenburg – violoncello
Natalie Plöger – double bass
Nuno Pinto – electric guitar
Lukas Böhm – drums
Martin Offik – sound direction/sound

Dramaturgy/Direction: Ruth Velten
Artistic Direction: Ruth Velten/Silke Lange
Video: Florian Japp
Live video: Jakob Klaffs
Image direction/Streamcast: Jan Brauer
Lighting: Kai Rothkegel