Kap Hoorn

A staged concert installation by Koikate/LUX:NM/Kampe

It nurtures and consumes us. It holds us captive and sets us free. It keeps us awake and at the same time lets us dream. – What is Napoleon without Josephine? When will the light come on at the funfair? What are you longing for? KAP HOORN creates a carnival of emotions. Here we can listen to our needs, seek our happiness in our existence, and approach the places of our desire that may disappear like a mirage as soon as we reach them. Desires unite our past with our future, our experiences with our dreams. They connect our bodies with places, points in time, feelings and other bodies. They are our inner compass. The constant over-stimulation of our senses clouds our emotional orientation. We stumble from one attraction to the next, as though dizzy after a roundabout ride.


In order to recover our inner motivation, the performance group KOIKATE slows down the ride. Together with the contemporary music ensemble LUX:NM and composer Gordon Kampe, they bring the crazy high-speed hustle and bustle to a halt. With contemporary music, exhibiting rooms and powerful images, an interdisciplinary installation is formed which honestly and uninhibitedly gets to the core of our longings! Can we re-calibrate our inner compass to this adventurous journey into a world of longings, wishes, dreams and nightmares?

Musik LUX:NM

Ruth Velten – Saxophone
Florian Juncker – Posaune
Silke Lange –Akkordeon
Malgorzata Walentynowicz – Klavier
Wolfgang Zamastil – Violoncello



Komposition: Gordon Kampe
Performance: KOIKATE feat. Daniel Hinojo & Kris Limbach
Artwork: KOIKATE
Künstlerische Leitung: Sebastian K. König & Lea Walloschke
Technische Leitung: Robert Lange
PR/ÖA: Kerstin Böttcher
Produktionsleitung: Dag Lohde
Medienpartner: die tageszeitung
Gefördert aus Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds