Giro | LUX:NM

A participatory music theater project for young people aged six and over
Composition by Gordon Kampe, libretto by Anna von Gehren

Memories are one of those things. Some you always want to think about, others you want to forget immediately, some fade by themselves. Whether good or bad, memories are important for our lives. They allow us to learn, to develop and make us the people we are.

“Giro in search of the memory key” is a participatory musical theater project for young people aged six and over. Giro and her companions Movata, Naurius and Akirili are memory archivists. They collect a wide variety of memories (of themselves and other people), organize them so that they can be found again at any time and, above all, take good care of them until their owners want them back one day. To do this, Giro and her companions need their magical memory machine: the Memory Archivariummobile. With its help, thoughts, feelings and moods can be translated into music and preserved forever. Giro and her friends travel through fantastic worlds and galaxies in search of new finds. Unfortunately, the group accidentally crashes their high-tech memory archivarium mobile in an alien world – a total loss! How could that have happened? What’s more, everything is so unusual in the new world! At home, the friends know exactly how life works, but here…? But the worst thing is: during the rough landing, the memories are jumbled together, some of them no longer work at all. The problem: without the plane, Giro and her fellow travelers can’t get back home. So they urgently need help. New memories may be able to help them repair the mobile.
Together with their new friends from the strange world, Giro, Movata, Naurius and Akirili find out how to find memories and convert them into a musical code, a kind of magic formula. Perhaps the new memory can be used to repair the memory key, which is also damaged and without which it is impossible to continue the journey in the memory archivarium mobile. And then Giro, Movata, Naurius and Akirili could travel back home and help other people to find the right place for their memories – but not before they have left a musical recipe for their new friends so that they can be visited at any time.


Giro: Eva Resch: Soprano, performer and speaker

Movata: Ruth Velten: Saxophonist, performer and speaker

Naurius: Florian Juncker: Trombonist, performer and speaker

Akirili: Silke Lange: Accordionist, performer and speaker

Martin Offik: Sound direction

Gordon Kampe: Composition

Anna von Gehren: Libretto, direction

Maike Storf: Scenery and costumes

Patricia Knebel: Dramaturgy

Ruth Velten: Production manager

Cindy Dodaro: Assistant director