LUX:NM on the Road

Travel begins in the mind. It takes curiosity and the desire to look behind the scenes, as well as: longings and dreams. From the urban center of Berlin, the new music ensemble LUX:NM, based there, embarks on journeys to enter into direct exchange with rural areas. The audience is to experience surprising new artistic encounters and receive diverse new impulses in these places as well. LUX:NM in the countryside – with current chamber music by Birke Bertelsmeier, Gordon Kampe, Paul Frick, among others, but also Terry Riley and John Cage in extravagant instrumentations, free improvisations, interdisciplinary linkages.

Performances 2019:

Aug. 24 – Schloss Neuhaus, Lübben – KulturSchlagLicht series
Aug. 30 – Stiftskirche Landau i.d. Pfalz

sponsored by Musikfonds e.V.