Aaron S

A multimedia opera by LUX:NM/ Aaron S Collective (Warsaw)

Aaron S is a multimedia composition for five musicians.

The protagonist of this opera is Aaron Swartz, an American computer programmer, journalist, political activist and hacker. It centers on questions of the liberal, pro-democracy movements which come into being with the support of digital media and have an ever-growing importance.

Music, literature and visual content are merged using electronics, digital devices, translation software and analogue musical instruments developed specifically for this opera by Krzysztof Cybulski.

The premiere of the first version was in September 2016 at the Warsaw AutumnFestival. This was followed by another performance in Berlin at Ballhaus Ost in February 2017.

Musik Ensemble LUX:NM

Malgorzata Walentynovics (Klavier, Midi-Controller, Stimme)

Ruth Selten (Saxophone, Grammophon, Stimme)

Silke Lange (Akkordeon, Stimme)

Beate Altenburg (Violoncello, Stimme)

Florian Junker (Posaune, Stimme)


Aaron S Collective

SLAWOMIR WOJCIECHOWSKI (Komposition, Live-Elektronik)


KRZYSZTOF CYBULSKI (Multimedia, Software, Selbstbauinstrumente)




Förderung durch die initiative neue musik berlin e. v. und culture.pl