(F)LUX:NM – fluxus reloaded

Concert performance for 5 performers and musicians
LUX:NM/Sofia Simitzis/Jef Chippewa: (F)LUX:NM fluxus reloaded

Emmett Williams

“Life is a work of art, and the work of art is life”

In addition to existing Fluxus works, the ensemble LUX:NM sets out to find new works, activities, happenings, compositions influenced by Fluxus, based on Fluxus or continued by Fluxus…

For FLUXUS RELOADED, the ensemble LUX:NM embarks on a work in progress. Where does engaging with Fluxus over several months lead the ensemble?

Uraufführung: Staatsoper Berlin, 15.06.2015


Fluxusperformances von Ken Friedman, Yoko Ono, S.D. Sauerbier u.a.

Dauer: 70 min


Musik Ensemble LUX:NM


Besetzung: 5 Performer und Musiker (Instrumentation variabel)