PULSES&PROTEINS | Concert series with sculpture | LUX:NM & Skulpturverein


Sculpture and music merge in the interdisciplinary concert series Pulses&Proteins. The works presented in the first concert are curated and developed collectively by sculptors Florian Japp, Jay Gerd, Janine Eggert and Yasmin Alt together with musicians Ruth Velten, Florian Juncker, Silke Lange and Zoé Cartier from LUX:NM.

The sculptures created especially for this series will be closely interwoven with the musicians’ own musical compositions. The contemporary music ensemble will bring its expertise in creating new sounds to bear. The collaboration not only leads to original artistic working methods, but also allows for new forms of trans- and interdisciplinary concert and exhibition formats and experiences in the presentation of the works, through which familiar perceptions can be broken and new spheres explored.



For the second edition of this concert series, a major new work by artist Heike Gallmeier will be on display. Musically, in addition to new musical sounds by the ensemble LUX:NM, there will be three more world premieres by Philipp Maintz, Sagardía and the ensemble’s trombonist Florian Juncker to discover.
In addition, a new version of the work “Carbon” by Misha Cvijović, as well as the experimental work “pneumothorax” for soprano saxophone and piano by Maja Bosnić.

The results of this extraordinary collaboration between music and sculpture are original working methods and innovative, interdisciplinary concert and exhibition formats that explore new spheres.


Florian Japp
Jay Gard
Janine Eggert
Yasmin Alt

Ensembe LUX:NM
Ruth Velten: saxophone
Florian Junker: trombone
Silke Lange: Accordion
Zoé Cartier: violoncello

A cooperation between LUX:NM and Skulpturverein.



Project participants

LUX:NM Ruth Velten – saxophone
Florian Juncker – trombone
Silke Lange – accordion
Vitalii Kyianitsia – piano
Zoé Cartier – violoncello
Martin Offik – sound direction

Heike Gallmeier – sculpture / stage installation

Birke Bertelsmeier – Al di lá, for ensemble (with electronics) (2018)
Maja Bosnić – pneumothorax, for soprano saxophone and piano (2020)
Misha Cvijović – Carbon, for ensemble (2022/2023)
Florian Juncker – new work, for trombone, feed and live electronics (2023/UA)
Philipp Maintz – étude II, (2021 UA)
Sagardía – Rückkehr in die Nacht, for soprano saxophone (2022/UA)
LUX:NM – Pulses#2 (2023, premiere)

A cooperation between Ensemble LUX:NM and Skulpturverein