LUX:NM | Andrej Koroliov | Heinrich Horwitz | Rosa Wernecke

Epilog:Abriss takes us to a space that we will never see in life. The one that comes after our time, that deals with the attempt to separate from its possession, life and its circumstances, and to dedicate to art. Epilog:Abriss is meant to penetrate the audience, to appeal to all the senses, to make us forget the outside, to turn the concert space into a new self-contained world. Epilog:Abriss is meant to evoke a state more than a temporary evening, to transform the many dystopian forms of the present into a utopian idea of the future. In the process, various revolutions are passed through, in which the spectators together with the musicians gradually lose control, have to say goodbye more, in order to transform themselves into a morphing-transforming mass and open their eyes, to the uncertainty of the future.

composition, concept – Andrei Koroliov
direction, choreography, concept, space – Heinrich Horwitz
video, light, concept – Rosa Wernecke
Music and performance Ensemble LUX:NM:
Ruth Velten (saxophone)
Florian Juncker (trombone)
Silke Lange (accordion)
Zoé Cartier (cello)
Martin Offik (sound direction, sound)
Production management: Ruth Velten, Silke Lange.
A production of Ensemble LUX:NM in the context of Ten years jubilee LUX:NM in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost.
Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds