A scenic concert for ensemble and objects

Breaking the Wall is a project by LUX:NM, in which the ensemble deals with breaking through walls in a variety of ways in a scenic concert project.

Walls are built and torn down. They serve as protection or exclusion, as a kind of sheltered dwelling or as a symbol and demonstration of power relations. Walls can be built both physically and psychologically. However, they always serve the same purpose: they divide into different sides or camps. Together with composers Ying Wang, Annesley Black, Lisa Streich, Oxana Omelchuk and Gordon Kampe, the ensemble LUX:NM addresses the question of how borders can be created or torn down. How can people and art break down walls?

A staged concert project by Ensemble LUX:NM in collaboration with the Festival Forum Neuer Musik im DLF Köln.

Music and performance:

Ensemble LUX:NM
Ruth Velten – saxophone/performance
Florian Juncker – trombone/performance
Silke Lange – accordion/performance
Vitaliy Kyianytsia – piano/performance
Zoé Cartier – violoncello/performance

Martin Offik – sound direction artistic

Artistic direction: Ruth Velten
Director: Sophia Simitzis
Stage design and video: Florian Japp