Witch’n’Monk, LUX:NM & Jim Black

a collaboration of LUX:NM with Witch’n’Monk and Jim Black
WITCH ‘N’MONK, the intimate partnership of Colombian rebel – flutist Mauricio Velasierra and British anarchist – soprano Heidi Heidelberg, meets the nerds of LUX:NM. With traditional flutes, soprano, cello, guitar, trombone, piano, accordion, saxophone, charango, drums and live electronics, stylistic features from avant-garde, contemporary music, Latin American “folktronica” and experimental jazz are combined to bring the fluid songs of WITCH ‘N’MONK’s new album to the stage in arrangements for large ensemble. Video scores by Florian Japp serve as a medium for the ensembles’ collaborative work between composed and improvised music.
Improvisation concepts of Witch ‘n’ Monk & LUX:NM based on video scores by Florian Japp
Florian Japp, video scores
Jim Black, drums
Witch ‘n’ Monk
Mauricio Velasierra, flutes, charrango
Heidi Heidelberg, soprano, guitars
Ruth Velten, saxophones
Florian Juncker, trombone
Silke Lange, accordion
Vitalii Kyianytsia, piano/keyboard
Zoé Cartier – violoncello
Martin Offik, sound direction