Dark Lux

Audio piece by Gordon Kampe

LUX:NM embarks on a journey into darkness and into our deepest regions in a joint working process with the composer Gordon Kampe, the radio dramatist Sarah Trilsch, the visual artist Florian Japp and the sound designer Jan Brauer.

The lighting ensemble descends into the depths and creates a dark collage of sounds through pre-produced sounds, new compositions, objects, video clips, and text fragments.

Premiere: 20 May 2018, 8pm, Ballhaus Ost in Berlin

Musik und Performance Ensemble LUX:NM

Ruth Velten- Saxophone, Performance, Sprecherin
Florian Juncker – Posaune, Performance, Sprecher
Silke Lange – Akkordeon, Performance, Sprecherin
Malgorzata Walentynowicz – Klavier, Performance, Sprecherin
Andreas Voss – Violoncello, Performance, Sprecher
Martin Offik – Klangregie



Komposition: Gordon Kampe
Sounddesign: Jan Brauer
Texte: Sarah Trilsch
Video/ Objekte: Florian Japp
Einrichtung: Sophia Simitzis